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Fundamental units


    1. The IS unit for radioactivity is:
Becquerel (Bq)   Watt (W)   Geiger (Gg)


    2. One Newton (N) is equivalent to:

kg m/s   kg m/s2   kg/s


    3. One Pascal (Pa) is equivalent to:

atm   N/m2   N m/s


    4. The IS unit for viscosity of a liquid is:

m/s   kg m/s   N s/m2


    5. The IS unit for energy is:

Calorie (Cal)   Watt (W)   Joule (J)


    6. One picometer (pm) is:

1 x 10-121 x 10121 x 10-24 m


    7. The IS unit for luminous intensity is:

Vela (Ve)   Candela (cd)   Luz (Lu)


    8. The IS unit for temperature is:

Celsius degree (ºC)   Fahrenheit degree (ºF)   Kelvin (K)


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