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Sulfuric acid production
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      Alcohol lamp.
      Tripod and metal net.
      Melting bowl.
      Latex gloves.
      Perforated cork.
      Glass tube.

      Distilled water.


     1. Attention! During the execution of this experiment you should protect your hands with gloves and eyes with glasses. Do the experiment not alone and in a ventilated place.

     2. Heat the sulfur in the lamp and enable the contact flame/sulfur. (during heating the sulfur will became liquid, and then gas. You should be very cautious not inhaling sulfur, because it can be harmful to health)

     3. During the heating of sulfur you should maintain an inverted erlenmeyer to save the produced gas.

     4. After filling the erlenmeyer, close it with a perforated cork locking the hole with a finger. (the erlenmeyer should be full with a greenish yellow gas. The perforated cork should be linked to the glass tube [to consult the cares to have for linking the tube to the cork you should see the experiment ammonia production])

     5. Pour distilled water inside the erlenmeyer until a third of the total volume is full. (you should be cautious to don't let the sulfur escape)

     6. Shakes the erlenmayer. (try to dissolve the solid sulfur deposited in the walls)

     7. Finally, the obtained solution is weak sulfuric acid.

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