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Security rules
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 When accomplishing any of the experiments proposed in this website you should follow this safety rules:

       1. Never accomplish the experiments alone.

       2. Don't eat, drink or smoke in the zone where takes place experiments with dangerous compounds.

       3. Keep far away from the experimental zone, babies, people without eyes protection, as well as animals.

       4. Read the instructions before beginning the experiment.

       5. Avoid the contact of chemical products with mouth and eyes.

       6. Use latex gloves and eyes protection whenever you accomplish dangerous experiences.

       7. Don't keep dangerous laboratorial material and chemical products in children's reach.

       8. Use only the material proposed in the (Homelike laboratory), not using instruments that are not mentioned.

       9. The place where experiments are accomplished should be clean and ventilated, near a source of water.

   The website "Science Home" author isn't responsible for any caused or suffered damage when accomplishing the experiments included in this website.


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