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Bath salts production
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      Carbonate of sodium.
      Distilled water.


     1. Add carbonate of sodium, in solid state, to a beacker with distilled water. In the end you should have a saturated solution. (if you have sodium carbonate big crystals, then reduce them to powder before adding)

     2. Pour some perfume to the saturated solution in order to give it a pleasant aroma. (now the solution is ready to use)

     3. Use two spoons of solution for each bath. (the bath salts soften water because they reduce the content of calcium, being this the main source of hardness for water. The sodium carbonate contained in bath salts reacts with the calcium, forming calcium carbonate that precipitates, reducing the amount of calcium in water. The result after the addition of bath salts solution is a soft, foamy and pleasant smell water)

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