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Basic chemistry


    1. All the substances that surround us are formed by:
atoms, molecules and ions   molecules   atoms and molecules


    2. In the following elements He, Na, Cl, Br, Ar, Xe, we have:

two noble gases  four noble gases   three noble gases


    3. The elements Li, Na, K, Rb, Cs e Fr are designated by:

alkaline earth metals   halogens   alkaline metals


    4. An intensive property is:

dependent of the amount of matter
independent of the amount of matter
none of the previous answers


    5. In an oxidation-reduction reaction when an atom loses an electron it is:

reduced   oxidized  none of the previous answers


    6. The atomic number of an element is:

the number of electrons of that element
the protons and electrons sum of that element
the number of protons of the atom of that element


    7. The diamond is:

a compound   a mixture   an element


    8. Steel is:

a mixture   a compound   an element


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