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    1. The boiling temperature is equal to the:
sublimation temperature   condensation temperature   fusion temperature


    2. The freezing temperature is equal to the:

fusion temperature   boiling temperature  
condensation temperature


    3. The sublimation process is related to the phase change:

from solid to gas   from liquid to gas   from solid to liquid


    4. One mixture that has very small particles uniformly distributed in another is called:

solution   suspension   colloid or dispersion


    5. Selecting Talc, Quartz, Diamond and Calcite in a increasing order or hardness we have:

Talc, Quartz, Calcite, Diamond   Calcite, Talc, Quartz, Diamond   Talc, Calcite, Quartz, Diamond


    6. The mixture of two gases is a solution:

always   sometimes   it depends of the gas properties


    7. When we add an antifreeze to the water, it:

increases the freezing temperature   decreases the boiling temperature   decreases the freezing temperature


    8. In which state a substance has a defined volume without a fix format:

Solid   Liquid   Gas


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