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Magnetism and electricity


    1. In the following list: iron, cobalt, nickel and magnetite we have:
a magnetic material   three magnetic materials
  four magnetic materials


    2. The components in a serie electric circuit share:

the same resistance   the same voltage
  the same current intensity


    3. The components in a parallel electric circuit share:

the same voltage  the same current intensity
  the same resistance


    4. The fuel cells produce electricity using:

hydrogen and oxygen  two electrodes made of different metals
  the solar light


    5. The current intensity increases when:

the resistance increases   the potential decreases
  the resistance decreases


    6. One battery that can be recharged is:

primary   dry   secondary


    7. An Ammeter is an instrument that measures:

the potential   the current intensity
  the current intensity and the potential


    8. The resistance of a thermal resistance decreases when the temperature:

increases   decreases   stays constant


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