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Who is who?


    1. Ampère, french physicist and mathematician (1775-1836) was known for having invented:
Multimeter   Reostate   Electric Telegraph


    2. The telephone was invented by:

Bell (1847-1922)   Marconi (1874-1937)   Edison (1847-1931)


    3. Einstein, german physicist, won the Nobel prize in:

1966   1921   1948


    4. The artificial radioactivity was discovered by:

Maria Curie e Pierre Currie   Irene Currie (daughter) e F. Joliot   Mendeleyev


    5. Who proposed an atomic model in which the atom was a sphere of positive matter, evenly distributed, in which were dispersed the electrons?

Thomson   Dalton   Rutherford


    6. Gauss, german scientist (1777-1855) was known for his works on:

Astronomy   Dilation law of gases  
Magnetism, electromagnetism and optical


    7. Besides formulating the laws of gravitation and movement, Newton (1642-1727) demonstrated:

the theory of relativity   that the white light is composed by several colors   the existence of a magnetic field created by an electric current


    8. The calculator was invented by:

Pascal (1623-1662)   Edison (1847-1931)   Priestley (1733-1804)


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