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   To present the evolution of the website "Science at Home " is essential to divide its history in four different stages:

     1. August of 1998 - On-line publication of the website "Chemical Experiments", being this one the embryo of the website "Science at Home".

     2. August of 1999 - On-line publication and foundation of the website "Science at Home". The website was published with 10 root experiments.

     3. May of 2001 - Re-publication of the website "Science at Home" with renewed design (little change). At this moment the website already presented 22 experiments, having been implemented the concept "an experiment per month ".

     4. September of 2001 - Presentation of the new design and content of the website "Science at Home".

     5. June de 2003 - English version publication of the website "Science at Home".


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