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Ammonia production
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      Rehearsal tube.
      Alcohol lamp.
      Tripod and metal net.
      Perforated cork.
      Protection glasses.
      Glass tube.
      Rubber tube.

      Ammonia chloride.
      Calcium hydroxide.
      Distilled water.


     1. Mix well ammonia chloride with calcium hydroxide. (the mixture should be made on a paper. Try to obtain the best possible mixture)

     2. Transfer the solid mixture to a rehearsal tube [1]. (the solid mixture transfer should be made with the aid of a paper cone)

     3. Insert the glass tube in the perforated cork. Link a rubber tube to the glass tube with the cork. Finally, close the rehearsal tube [1] with the cork. (the insertion of the glass tube in the perforated cork should be made with the help of a cotton cloth. The cloth will have the function of protecting your hands in the case of glass breaking)

     4. Fill half of the second rehearsal tube [2] with distilled water, diving the other end of the rubber tube in water.

     5. Heat up the rehearsal tube [1] solid mixture. The heating procedure should be made with the alcohol lamp fire. (during heating, the rehearsal tube [1] should be horizontal, because that way, the solid mixture is more dispersed, facilitating the heating of the larger amount of solid. Also, you wil verify that the water in the tube [2] will raise to the rubber tube, being it due to the pressure variation in the rehearsal tube [1]. When the water begins to go up to the rubber tube you should be careful to remove the tube from the water. Be careful with the hot glass of the rehearsal tube [1]!)

     6. The solution that will form in the rehearsal tube [2] is called ammonia solution. (the solution should have a strong smell, characteristic of ammonia)

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